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Talmud Study in Yeshiva High Schools

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Talmud study in yeshiva high schools creates many difficulties and challenges. We are honored to present to the community of educators this engaging debate about how to ameliorate those challenges.

Rabbi Aharon Lichtenstein and Rabbi Yehuda Brandes, among today s leading teachers of Gemara in Israel and the world, present two very different Price: $   Yeshiva University’s Bronka Weintraub High School Bekiut Program is an extra-curricular opportunity for students to advance and continue their Talmud learning outside of the classroom.

Each year, the program holds a competition to test the students’ knowledge, and this year saw record numbers of close to students from 29 schools across. A yeshiva (/ j ə ˈ ʃ iː v ə /; Hebrew: ישיבה ‎, lit. 'sitting'; pl.

ישיבות ‎, yeshivot or yeshivos) is a Jewish educational institution that focuses on the study of traditional religious texts, primarily the Talmud and the Torah, and halacha (Jewish law). The studying is usually done through daily shiurim (lectures or classes) as well as in study pairs called chavrutas.

It is a book of wisdom,” said Geum Sun Kim, a cheerful fifty-two-year-old who not long ago founded the Talmud Wisdom Education School, a Talmud. Welcome. Led by distinguished roshei yeshiva [professors of Talmud], the Yeshiva Program/Mazer School of Talmudic Studies (MYP) offer an intensive, advanced and sophisticated classical yeshiva experience.

This is the most rigorous of the four paths but offers the deepest exposure to traditional learning. Talmud Study in Yeshiva High Schools book engage in exegesis of original Aramaic and Hebrew texts in shiur/chavruta.

This article examines the reception of rabbinic literature in South Korea, focusing on a series of books titled Talmud (T'almudŭ).We analyze dozens of volumes published between andidentifying the subgenres that have been produced, individual editions that exemplify the development and diversity of the editions, and the religious traditions—Jewish, Confucian, and Christian—with.

I like the answer written Talmud Study in Yeshiva High Schools book Henry Abramson. I have studied in yeshiva and at university, and while there are some similarities, there are many contrasts.

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I would start by saying that in university, its very common to be asked things like “what ye. Join our free live & fully interactive online Torah shiurim and online Torah courses in Halacha, Chumash, Talmud, & more.

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Aharon Lichtenstein and Yehuda Brandes Notes from Atid: Talmud Study in Yeshiva High Schools (Jerusalem: Atid, ), Brandes also recently discussed his views on Talmud study in more detail in his own programmatic essay “Talmud Study: From Proficiency to Meaning” Hakirah 21 (): Rabbi Stein is not focused on Brandes’s views per se, and they are also outside the scope of.

Neither of these settings, however, reflects the manner of Talmud study in the traditional yeshiva. There, students study in pairs. reading every word of the text out loud, never going on to the next phrase until they have exhausted the meaning of the one under discussion.

“The individual sessions where we had to pick a goal were interesting and eye-opening because all of us come from such different schools and perspectives,” said Bracha Rutner, chairperson of the Talmud/Halakha Department at Samuel H. Wang Yeshiva University High School for Girls.

“I came here really wanting to know what other schools do. The mainstay of study in Yeshiva (Jewish school) for boys and men is Talmud, to the extent that 90% of the yeshiva student’s curriculum will center on Talmud.

“Yeshiva Days” is an understated book, heavy on anecdotes and immediate reflection, with only three pages of notes, most of which are digressive trivia rather than scholarly annotation. Around boys enter yeshiva in lieu of high school, where hour days largely focus on the religious texts of the Torah and Talmud.

(Girls. Back then there were precious few English-language resources to help us, chief among them Aryeh Carmell’s unfortunately titled all-caps AIDS TO TALMUD STUDY (now available as Aiding Talmud Study). This book presents a brief of biography of the Talmud, addressing some basic questions in a manner that will be useful for the intelligent layperson.

This is a list of yeshivas, midrashas, and Hebrew schools in Israel and the West Bank. A yeshiva (Hebrew: ישיבה) is a center in Orthodox Judaism where men can study the Torah, the Talmud, and develop their character.A yeshiva usually is led by a rabbi called a rosh yeshiva (head of the yeshiva).

A midrasha (Hebrew: מדרשה) or seminary is an equivalent center for Jewish women. The Graduate Program in Advanced Talmudic Studies (GPATS) is a two-year master's program that provides women an opportunity for post-college, high-level study to further their growth in Torah knowledge and skills.

In an article published last week, Rabbi Willig, at rosh yeshiva at YU sincesuggested that the “inclusion of Talmud in curricula for all women in Modern Orthodox schools.

So, study of Jewish Law in yeshiva is not based directly on the Bible but on the Talmud, since the rabbis of the Talmud are believed to have had a special sensitivity to the written word of God and an ability to extract whole laws from minute details of the text in ways that later generations could not.

Rabbi Chajes' "The Students' Guide Through the Talmud", which has thankfully been re-published by Yashar Books, should be mandatory reading (and teaching) for every Jewish high school student.

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I encountered the book as a university undergraduate and it resolved so many things I didn't understand about the nature and function of Talmudic Reviews: 3. The all-boys school joins two other area yeshiva high schools that have had to curtail in-person classes.

Daily Update Ramaz students come down with Covid, Trump team says Bloomberg's a. This article originally appeared in Jewish Education (Winter ), p Reprinted here with permission.

This essay discusses the major findings of a study of how Jewish history is taught in modern Orthodox yeshivah high schools.

[1] The researcher examined five of the largest schools of this type in the United States [2] during the academic [ ]. A PBL approach to Talmud study can help students connect values from the text to their own lives in an authentic way, irrespective of how practical (or impractical) the cases in the Gemara.

In this unit, students used their knowledge of Masekhet Makkot and Arei Miklat to research solutions for problems with the American prison system. Torah studies at a Haredi high-school yeshiva are of utmost importance from a social standpoint, too. If you quickly grasp complex Talmudic issues, you’re admired.

If you plug away at your studies during breaks and meals you’re considered a model student. Involvement in other matters is a sin dearly paid for – on a social level too. It was not the intention of the founder and rosh yeshiva of SVARA — which boasts the tagline “a traditionally radical yeshiva” — to target somethings and somethings when she started her Talmud study classes.

But since SVARA’s launch inthe yeshiva organically has attracted scores of young people through Jewish learning. Lawrence Kaplan. In his recent Lehrhaus essay “ Rabbi Aharon Lichtenstein and Academic Talmud Study,” Professor Avraham (Rami) Reiner proves himself to be a genuine disciple of his great master, as he manages to balance genuine admiration—indeed reverence—for his teacher with an objective and critical stance regarding some of his basic teachings and attitudes in a blend that is both.

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Study 20 Talmud Vocabulary flashcards from Kelly B. on StudyBlue. Study 20 Talmud Vocabulary flashcards from Kelly B. on StudyBlue. Yeshiva Atlanta High School; Talmud Vocabulary; Kelly B.

• 20 cards. מאי. What. נמי. Also. דתניא. As we learn in a braitta. By engaging Jews in the study of Torah in a way which is meaningful and life-improving, Talmudic University serves as a nexus of Jewish learning and literacy from Miami to the Palm Beaches, as well as internationally.

Talmudic University is a community-based system of schools. It includes: Yeshiva Elementary School: Pre-K through elementary school. Attending Drisha was a more natural step for Mrs. Bednarsh, 26, whose husband, Assaf, is studying to become a rabbi.

She said she learned as much about the Talmud as boys did at the Yeshiva .WITS is a Yeshiva High School in Milwaukee. It is an affiliate of the Rabbinical Seminary of America. At the heart of the WITS program is the “bais medrash”, the room where Torah study takes.For these reasons, not only must Talmud study not be done away with in religious high-schools, but it should also become mandatory in public schools.

Q. You once wrote about the difference between learning in university and learning in Yeshiva.